DR Congo’s political players in draft agreement to end crisis

1024x576_346783Political actors in the Democratic Republic of Congo have reached an early agreement on the best way to manage the country post the expiry of the term of President Joseph Kabila.

The agreement was reached over the weekend between the ruling and the opposition parties participating in the national dialogue in the troubled nation.

The agreement still has to be signed in plenary. It provides for the management of post-December 19, the date of the end of the second and final term of Joseph Kabila, and the organization of elections in April 2018.

According to the draft, President Kabila will remain in office until the installation of a newly elected President. He will manage the country with a prime minister from the opposition.

Submission of applications for the elections is planned for 30 October 2017 with the main polls taking place six months later, thus ending in April 2018.

Sources say the management of the transition period will be placed under the supervision of a committee of the opposition and the civil society.

The commission will supported by DRC’s partner organizations, including the United Nations, European Union and the African Union.

The select committee is expected to meet with the facilitator of the talks, Edem Kodjo before the convening of the plenary sitting and which is expected to pave the way for the signing of the Comprehensive Agreement.

DRC has been rocked by deadly anti-government protests in recent months with the opposition claiming President Kabila is plotting to extend his tenure by delaying elections./afriknews


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