African Union adopts charter on maritime security


African Union adopts charter on maritime security

The African Union adopted a landmark charter on maritime security . The document commits all Member countries to protect their environment, but also to prevent and suppress crimes on sea, as well as the traffic of human beings , weapons or drugs. “I am pleased about the mobilization of the continent for a long-term commitment and an effective collective response through the development of the ...

  • barthe cortes 2016

    Barthe Cortes let refugees enter his private airport in Congo

    The owner of BVC Airlines, Barthe Cortes, let local villagers enter his airport in Congo after they gathered before the airport looking for shelter from increasingly numerous attacks of jihadists on local villages. The authorities of Congo believe that among ...

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    Migrant rape fears spread across Europe

    Migrant rape fears spread across Europe: Women told not to go out at night alone after assaults carried out in Sweden, Finland, Germany, Austria and Switzerland amid warnings gangs are co-ordinating attacks Finnish police said today that they had been ...

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    Ethiopia gripped by drought the worst in 50 years

    ETHIOPIA is in the grip of the worst drought in half a century with three failed rain seasons, crop failures and dying livestock forcing farming families to now eat the seeds they are supposed to plant. While the world has ...

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    Oscar Pistorius guilty of MURDER

    Oscar Pistorius guilty of MURDER In a challenge to the court’s decision to sentence him for ‘culpable homicide’, judges in Bloemfontein ruled on the state’s appeal against Oscar Pistorius’ culpable homicide conviction. Last year a judge gave Pistorius a five-year ...

  • Airbus_A380_Emirates_0_1

    Emirates airline’s cargo operation takes off at new airport

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Largely empty desert surrounds the home of a new cargo operation for Emirates airlines, but the Middle East’s largest carrier spots something different in the sparse landscape near Dubai’s fledgling second airport. “What you see is ...


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